May The Force Be With You

“The Force Awakens” now holds the box office records for biggest Thursday night opening, biggest one-day gross, biggest December debut, and biggest opening weekend of all time.

Star Wars has certainly been awoken. The first Star Wars movie premiered in May of 1977 but continues to entertain people four decades later.

No matter where you live or who you are, Star Wars: The Force Awakens includes timeless, striking cinematic quality. The excellence in this movie has led to multiple Box Office records.

A few of the records set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens include:

Opening weekends (US)                     $247,966,675

Opening weekends (World-wide)          $528,966,675

Fall                                                    $247,966,675

Holiday                                              $247,966,675

To view a complete list of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens’ records, visit boxofficemojo. Box office records are only one area where Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to thrive. The movie has also created a cinematic revolution extending beyond the theatre to products of all kinds. You can find Star Wars t-shirts, blogs, playing cards, and cap cans.

Jumex is a producer of Star Wars cap cans manufactured by DSG that are currently selling on eBay for $299.99 plus shipping. These limited edition cap cans are sold in Mexico, but have been shipped around the world. These collector’s items serve as a remembrance of the iconic return of Star Wars.

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