What Will Cans Be Like in 100 Years

What Will Cans Be Like in 100 years?

The humble can’s history began in 1795 when Napoleon offered a handsome sum of money to the person who could invent a way to preserve food for his Army and Navy. Almost 250 years later 1957, aluminum was introduced into can form for beverages. Then, in 1959, an innovative man from Dayton, Ohio created the first all-aluminum easy-open beer can which still proves its popularity today for drinks of all kinds.

Dayton Systems Group continues with the aluminum can innovation by finding new ways for consumers to enjoy their beverages from cans with their latest Cap Can. The Cap Can shows the future for all beverage cans. With the Cap Can, you can:

1 Grab and go with a lightweight, unbreakable package as you head to the beach, the hiking trail or a summer concert

2 Have an easier time opening your beverage

3 Reclose your can to avoid spilling or finish it later

Keep an eye out for the Cap Can. They are currently being made in the millions by some of your favorite beverage companies!

Check out the filling process Here !







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