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What Will Cans Be Like in 100 Years

What Will Cans Be Like in 100 years?

The humble can’s history began in 1795 when Napoleon offered a handsome sum of money to the person who could invent a way to preserve food for his Army and Navy. Almost 250 years later 1957, aluminum was introduced into can form for beverages. Then, in 1959, an innovative man from Dayton, Ohio created the first all-aluminum easy-open beer can which still proves its popularity today for drinks of all kinds.

Dayton Systems Group continues with the aluminum can innovation by finding new ways for consumers to enjoy their beverages from cans with their latest Cap Can. The Cap Can shows the future for all beverage cans. With the Cap Can, you can:

1 Grab and go with a lightweight, unbreakable package as you head to the beach, the hiking trail or a summer concert

2 Have an easier time opening your beverage

3 Reclose your can to avoid spilling or finish it later

Keep an eye out for the Cap Can. They are currently being made in the millions by some of your favorite beverage companies!

Check out the filling process Here !







May The Force Be With You

“The Force Awakens” now holds the box office records for biggest Thursday night opening, biggest one-day gross, biggest December debut, and biggest opening weekend of all time.

Star Wars has certainly been awoken. The first Star Wars movie premiered in May of 1977 but continues to entertain people four decades later.

No matter where you live or who you are, Star Wars: The Force Awakens includes timeless, striking cinematic quality. The excellence in this movie has led to multiple Box Office records.

A few of the records set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens include:

Opening weekends (US)                     $247,966,675

Opening weekends (World-wide)          $528,966,675

Fall                                                    $247,966,675

Holiday                                              $247,966,675

To view a complete list of Stars Wars: The Force Awakens’ records, visit boxofficemojo. Box office records are only one area where Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to thrive. The movie has also created a cinematic revolution extending beyond the theatre to products of all kinds. You can find Star Wars t-shirts, blogs, playing cards, and cap cans.

Jumex is a producer of Star Wars cap cans manufactured by DSG that are currently selling on eBay for $299.99 plus shipping. These limited edition cap cans are sold in Mexico, but have been shipped around the world. These collector’s items serve as a remembrance of the iconic return of Star Wars.

Growing Demand for Caps and Closures Drives DSG Innovation

The aluminum bottle category continues to grow with new containers.  DSG recently announced collaboration with canmaking equipment supplier Belvac Production Machinery to offer its patented lug thread technology for 28mm aluminum bottles to the beverage industry.  By integrating DSG tooling heads into the Belvac Bottle Can Manufacturing System (BCMS), the new advantages in lightweighting bottles can result in significant metal saving.  The lug thread technology meets beer and beverage industry specifications, making the new easy-open package an attractive option for brands seeking an innovative look and feel.

The Canmaker Magazine December article features details about DSG’s work with Belvac:

Belvac_DSG aluminum bottle1

Belvac and DSG have collaborated on 28mm lug thread cap for an aluminum bottle


Increase your Consumers Beverage Consumption by Using Cans

For frequent beverage consumers, 74% say the container is Very or Extremely Important. Cans top the list. Click here for study results conducted by FoodMinds:

Packaging Digest reports beverages in cans encourage more frequent consumption

Consider the easy open DSG Cap Can for your next beverage packaging project.  Increased consumption reported that cans fulfill the four core performance benefits: product taste, innovation, performance, sustainability.

DSG has access to methods allowing speed to market capability.

Rexam Sees Growth Potential with New Beverage Categories

Congrats to Rexam on their vision for future growth potential by seeking new beverage categories for aluminum can packaging.  This potential will undoubtedly help Dayton Systems Group too, as they present innovative packaging solutions to prospective customers.  Read the November 17, 2015 Article: Rexam says “There’s lots of potential…” for Rexam’s plan to reach out to water, dairy, coffee and functional drinks manufacturers for product differentiation on retail shelves.

DSG’s Beverage Cap Can is suitable for all the above beverages and more, including wine and beer.  Many brand owners in the wine and beer categories have shown recent interest in offering easy open and reclosability to their customers who seek the convenience of on-the-go consumption in a non-breakable container.

DSG’s partnership with Rexam will help more brand owners see the marketing benefits of using the easy-open, reclosable can the Cap Can offers. Contact DSG for further information on how we can work together to explore this potential with your company.

Cock n’ Bull Ginger Beer Hits Retail Shelves in California

The infamous Los Angeles based Cockn’ Bull Ginger Beer is now proudly on retail shelves in the DSG Cap Can. Since 1946 it’s unique flavoring and packaging graphics have wooed customers with the original invention of the Moscow Mule. Ginger beer lovers and Moscow Mule makers alike will love the new can package. The innovative cap that’s easy to open, DSG Cap Can enters a new beverage market with convenient resealability and reclosability.

According to, the non-alcoholic ‘zippy, zingy extra ginger soft drink’ is “made with premium, natural ingredients. Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer is the perfect addition to parties because of its versatility.”

Go to to learn about the storied history of this premium beverage.