Aluminum Bottle Cap Can

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DSG Cap Can for Aluminum Bottle incorporates our patented lug thread closure application onto a one-piece aluminum bottleThe DSG lug thread technology for an aluminum bottle is achieved by:

  • Integrating DSG patented tool and die systems into manufacturer’s necking equipment; simplified aluminum bottle manufacturing process
  • Cost savings through light-weighting of can body due to reduced down force in the capping process
  • DSG manufactures cap and seal lines the cap using patented profile
  • Improved openability and reclosability
  • Available in multiple sizes from 12 oz to 24 oz
  • Closure is a 38mm or a 41mm seal lined cap
  • Applications for pasteurized, hot fill, retort, cold fill and aseptic applications
  • Pressure capable: 100+psi, steel or aluminum
  • Pressure relief threads allow venting upon opening
  • Easy off /on action requires less hand strength than competing closures
  • Sanitary and safe; smooth drinking surface; no sharp edges

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