Beverage Cap Can

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DSG Beverage Cap Can package is comprised of patented dome, cap, and seal liner technology. The dome is double seamed onto the can body, then after fill is capped with the seal lined lug thread cap to create the Cap Can package.

Key Features:

  • Applications for pasteurized, hot fill, retort, cold fill and aseptic, including beer, soft drinks, all kinds of waters, tea, coffee, dairy, fruit juices
  • Pressure capable: 100+psi, steel or aluminum
  • Pressure relief threads allow venting upon opening
  • Easy off /on action requires less hand strength than competing closures
  • Sanitary and safe; smooth drinking surface; no sharp edge
  • Suitable for standard, slim and sleek cans
  • Caps:
    • 41mm cap fits onto all dome sizes for can sizes below
    • Cap is lined with patented seal lining profile meets beer/ beverage industry specs
    • Cap seal capable of venting at 90psi or above
    • Oxygen Scavenger inside cap helps keep beverages fresh
    • Caps are 41mm diameter and fit all dome sizes
    • Domes available in these diameters:
    • 202 dia dome  – 12oz. (355 ml); 16oz (500ml); 19.2oz (568ml) cans
    • 209 dia dome – 24 oz. (700 ml) can
    • 300 dia dome – 32 oz. (1 liter) can (Resealable Crowler for craft beer)
    • Coming soon: 12.68oz (375ml) can for wine fill
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Resealable Crowler

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DSG, Ball and Oskar Blues bring you the Resealable Crowler, designed to grow Craft Brewers’ to-go business.

  • Easy to fill and cap on site
  • Customize cans using pressure sensitive labels or shrink sleeves
  • Resealable cap with DSG patented seal for maintaining freshness and drinking anytime you like
  • DSG seal inside cap contains oxygen scavenger to help keep beer fresh
  • Easy pour opening
  • For more information and pricing, click here